£6 Million Adventure Centre Soon to Rise in Gloucestershire


Gloucestershire will soon add a £6 million state-of-the-art adventure and activity facility on their list of huge establishments. The people behind this grand plan want to bring this to life in 2020.

The Adventure Activity Company is the mastermind behind this adventure centre. They originally planned to build the centre at Gloucester’s Westgate Park, but they didn’t push through because of contaminated land in the area that might jeopardize the process. And now they have found a suitable area somewhere between Gloucester and Cheltenham, the exact location hasn’t been announced yet for the time being.

David Stevens, the big boss of Adventure Activity Company, expressed that this project will become the best adventure centre and sporting establishment in the country, and the facility will accommodate professional sports enthusiasts, clubs, groups, friends, educational establishments, and families.

The Adventure Activity Company announced in a press release that the facilities’ design includes a 15-meter high indoor climbing wall which will have Olympic standards, a 100-metre caving system, and a bouldering area. There will also be outdoor activities such as vertical series of nets and ladders to climb, and obstacles to maneuver, as well as zip-lines. They also promised an indoor sports pitch for netball, football, and tennis. It is also hoped that the facility will include mini camping facilities to accommodate youth and educational groups from all around the UK.

The company said that the venue will create 60 jobs and will be a year-round attraction if everything flows accordingly. Stevens admitted that it was not easy looking for a place that fits in well with their needs, but he believes they now have found the right one.

This is certainly something to be excited about with your friends and families, especially if you’re into sports activities.


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