A Look at Six of the Nicest Businesses in Devon and Cornwall


As part of the Western Morning News Business Awards 2018, we’re taking a look at some of the businesses who have proved this year to be most willing to give back to their customers and the community at large.

We will be examining these six companies in two categories of Corporate social responsibility for the businesses who have contributed their time to improve the lives of others, and the Customer service award for businesses that have demonstrated a penchant for putting their customers first.

The winners of each category will be officially announced at the awards ceremony which is scheduled to hold on November 22 at the Crowne Plaza in Plymouth.

Corporate Social Responsibility

  1. Leap

Leap is a Cornwall company that creates designs for print, packaging, exhibition displays, interiors, plus consultations and strategic communications. They use 100% renewable energy and provides carbon neutral hosting for web clients.

  1. St Austell Brewery

The St Austell Brewery is the family owned, independent brewer that set up the Cornish Barley Grower’s Initiative to support local growers.

  1. Total Energy Solutions

Total Energy Solutions is an independent commercial energy broker that firmly believes that businesses should give to the community and have proved it by donating 10% of profits and staff time to charity.

Customer Service Award

  1. Blue Flame

During the Beast from the East cold wave, Blue Flame took 2,000 phone calls in three days, 180 emergency breakdowns with engineers even walking to reach customers.

  1. Construction Materials Online

CMO have provided stellar customer service with sincere attempts to help, and generally going the extra mile to make customers happy.

  1. The Old Vicarage

The Old Vicarage is a family-run residential care home that provides compassionate and skillful care to the elderly while fully engaging with the local community.

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