A New Micropub is Soon to Open in Bristol


Bristol, with its 23 overwhelming breweries, has surely created a culture of beer drinking among its local people, popularly regarded as “beer scene.” Bristol’s breweries have been rated as among the top producers of quality beers in the UK.

And so, with the popularity of Bristol’s “beer scene”, a growing number of micropubs started to emerge. Coming from its name, micropubs refer to small hang-out places that serve an array of quality beers to its customers. One peculiar thing about micropubs that entices people to spend their night there is on how it encourages people to establish personal conversation among each other rather than busying themselves with their phones and gadgets. Micropubs, therefore, are the perfect place for anyone who wants to break away from the nuisance of modern-day technology.

At present, Bristol has already four micropubs operating namely The Wooden Walls, The Draper’s Arms Chums, and Snuffy Jacks – all being equally popular. This year, however, a new micropub is set to open, thereby increasing the number to five.

Steve Parkin and Sam Powell who are both beer-lovers are the men behind The Lyons Den – the name of the new micropub which will soon open earlier this May on Regent St., Kingswood. Sam, one of the owners, said that the support they have received from Bristol’s beer-drinking community has been very amazing and inspiring. He could not even believe that in their planning application alone, they are already receiving a lot of positive comments. So, much more if the micropub has opened.

The building where Lyon Den is held to operate is a former charity shop. With a lot of transformation to make, the owners are surely excited about getting the work started. They could not even wait until the opening of The Lyons Den. Moreover, Sam is looking forward to forming a “Beermuda Triangle” which will be realized through collaborating with the other four micropubs in Bristol.





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