A whopping £72 bid made for a 26-year-old packet of cheese


A whopping bid of £72 has been made for a 26-year-old packet of Primes Cheese and onion potato crisps posted for sale in Bristol.

The snack which was listed for auction on eBay carried a best before date of November 7th, 1992.

Although the initial price listed for the packet of crisps as at Friday, November 9th 2018 was a mere £1.40, auction bids have made the price skyrocket to £72.

Though the snack is almost thirty years old and was found behind a kitchen cupboard, its condition was surprisingly listed as “New: a brand new, unused, undamaged and unopened item.”

The seller however mentioned that the item was an “archive piece” and declared it unfit for consumption despite the fact that the crisps which were visible through a transparent part of the packet appeared edible.

The listing goes thus: “Get your piece of pub snack history with an unopened packet of Primes’ Cheese & Onion crisps, sporting an expiry date of 7 November 1992.

“Date of manufacture is unclear but in excellent condition considering their 26 years behind a kitchen cupboard! Archive piece, not for consumption. Collection available from Park Street, Bristol.

The listing on eBay which ended on November 16 was perhaps aimed at people who are in the habit of collecting vintage crisps or crisp packets.


Proceeds from the auction will go to One25; a Bristol charity that helps women to break free from street sex work, addiction and other life-controlling issues.


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