Brexit Effect Hits Gloucestershire As the Number of EU Citizens Working In The County Hits An All-Time Low


Gloucestershire has seen a reduction in the number of EU citizens coming to work in southwest England county. The number of foreign workers from the European Union has reduced by 25 percent since the referendum vote.

Stats from the Department for Work and Pensions show that the number of Europeans registered for national insurance has reduced from 3866 to 2951 since Britain voted for Brexit.

The worst affected local authority in the county is Tewkesbury which has experienced a reduction of 35 percent of EU citizens coming to work since the year 2016.

Stroud and Gloucester are experiencing a 20 percent deep in the total number of European citizens registering as workers in the two local authorities.

In another town in Gloucestershire, Cotswolds, 450 EU citizens registered for work down from 587 in 2016 while Brexit affected Cheltenham with a 30 percent reduction since September 2016.

Forest of Dean has experienced the least effects from Brexit with only a 3 percent reduction between September 2016 and September 2018.

The trend that is taking shape in Gloucestershire and is painting a picture similar to the one the whole nation is experiencing with more than 25 percent drop of the total number of EU citizens that registered over the same period.

The trend is quickly accelerating, and many UK businesses are choosing to reduce risk and redirecting their activities to other European countries. European Union citizens are taking similar directions to avoid risking for unpredictable opportunities. Many people are seeing the risks of working in the UK as something that outweighs the opportunities.

The group campaigner for EU citizens makes said that candidates who are qualified for vacancies in the UK are choosing to apply for work in other countries such as France, Spain Germany, and other European countries with stable legal and economic policies.







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