Bristol Airport’s administrative building costs £8 million to build


A series of developments are taking place in Bristol Airport including a new £4.3 million fire station and an administrative building that will cost £8 million to build.

The three-storey administrative building, which will be located at the entrance to the airport, will house the airport’s senior management and project teams and will also have meeting and training rooms. The building will be completed by the summer of 2019.

The building’s facade has been designed by Bristol Architecture firm, Stride Treglown, and the construction will be handled by R&M Williams.

Darryn Parry, managing director of R&M Williams, said: “It’s a really state-of-the-art facility and we can’t wait to see the project take shape in the coming weeks.”

Darryn added: “We are proud that this type of high-quality, fast-track construction is one of our business strengths and we look forward to further cementing our reputation with Bristol Airport, with the successful delivery of both the fire station and administration block streams.”

Bristol Airport’s development director, Andrew Goodenough, stated that they were happy to collaborate with R&M Williams on both projects. The administrative building will be the first reception that the airport’s staff, airline and business-partner guests will see. It is important for it to be a top-notch facility that is energy efficient and fits nicely into the local environment.


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