Bristol City in Dilemma Over Parachute Payments


In a recent Swiss Ramble published account, it was discovered that Bristol City is one of the Championship clubs not receiving Premier League parachute payments.

The account states:

Despite the growth in revenue, Bristol City’s £26m revenue is still only mid-table in the Championship. For some context, in 2016/17 Newcastle led the way with £86m, a full £60m more. So far in 2017/18, Norwich City and Hull City have posted £62m and £56m (with Sunderland and Boro to come). It’s difficult to compete with clubs receiving Premier League parachute payments with no fewer than eight clubs benefiting from these in 2017/18.’

‘If parachute payments were to be excluded, it would be a very different story. In this case, Bristol City would have the seventh highest revenue in the Championship, which would give them a very decent chance of making the play-offs.”

Furthermore, Bristol City has hardly made big money from selling players. In fact, the £14m profit in 2016/17 (largely sale of Jonathan Kodija to Aston Villa) is around two-thirds of the £20m generated in last ten years from this activity.

The Swiss Ramble went on further:

“I estimate that he has put in around £134m to date (capital £114m, loan £20m) with little sign of the need for this funding going away. Bristol City are fortunate to have a benevolent owner in Steve Lansdown, but this is in reality a necessity for those Championship clubs that are not in receipt of sizeable parachute payments, if they wish to compete.”

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