Bristol Council Made £9.5 Million from Parking Last Year



In the past decade, Bristol council’s cost for parking has been fairly stable while its income has risen.

In 2008/09, it made £1.61 million. Last year, it made £9.5 million in profit.

Although this is a decrease from the £9.54 million of 2016/17, it is almost six times that of 2008/09.

In total, it made £18.4 million income, including sales, fees and charges, and spent £8.9 million on employees and running costs.

New data analysed by Bristol Live Show shows that in the region, the council has made the most profits from motorists. Across the West of England region, £18 million was made last year.

Parking charges profit is likely to increase for Bristol Council next year due to charges for Sunday and evening parking taking effect from September.

A Bristol City Council spokesman said, “The council’s parking operations play an important role in helping to manage the sheer volume of vehicle activity within our busy city.

“This income includes on street parking charges but also income generated by the enforcement of any restrictions which is an essential part of keeping traffic moving.

“We have very limited capacity on our road network and just one badly parked car can be hugely disruptive to other motorists, leading to queues and bus delays.

“For that reason we need to continue to enforce parking laws vigilantly and set appropriate tariffs to support the running of our operations.”

Driving organisations have criticised the parking charges, saying it increases the expenses of motorists.


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