Bristol’s Oldest Department Store Chain Enters Its Final Reduction Phase



Gardiner Haskins, Bristol’s oldest department store chain, is closing the basement floor of the building.

This means the cash machine is no longer accessible, as the entire basement floor is closed.

Based in the Old Soapworks factory since 1958, it is currently selling off its remaining stock and moving the last items onto the main sales floor.

There are no present plans to sell off the Old Soapworks factory. Ben Allen, the managing director, commented, “Some of our back-office functions might stay over there for a few more weeks or months into next year. That building isn’t going anywhere.”

The 190-year-old carried out restructuring earlier this year, and it is planning to relocate its present 45 staff members to the opposite Grade II listed building.

The operations and HR Director, Shaun Butcher, says, “We have entered the final reduction phase of our store clearance and this makes the shopping experience easier for our customers as clearance products are located on just three floors–the main sales floor, home furnishings and furniture.”

Twenty kitchens that are manufactured in the UK, averagely priced from £5,000 to £60,000, will be displayed in the new kitchen showroom, which is 20 percent bigger than the current showroom.

Gardiner Haskins plans to open its brand new showroom in the Brunel Rooms on Broad Plain on Monday, November 19. A new bedroom, curtains, and blinds showroom opens on December 10, and a bathroom showroom will open on December 17.


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