Charity Receives Nearly £3,000 in Memory of Somerset Chef Geoff Redfearn


The Growing Space, a county charity, was given a donation of almost £3,000 after The Naked Geoff: 101lbs of Grub, the recipe notes of the famous Somerset chef Geoff Redfearn, was released.

Chef Geoff, unfortunately, passed away in February 2018.

The chef specialised in Thai cuisine and ran his Thai/British business, Redfearn, in Wincanton, UK.

Over the course of the years, chef Geoff compiled notes of his recipes which he held so dearly.

Geoff’s family and friends were challenged to reproduce his recipes, share their own cooking notes, and take photos of their dishes.

Marketing agency, Realia Marketing, produced the book in memory of the great chef. As close friends of the late chef, Realia Directors Nicola and Paul Williamson brought the book to reality.

The team of Realia Marketing got to know Geoff when they participated in an ‘Away Day’ which he organised. The team was invited to manage the operation in Geoff’s restaurant for one evening. The operation involved designing the menu, cooking it, and providing a restaurant service.

The book contains 53 sweet and savoury Thai and British food recipes. A number of people contributed to this book of recipes. Even Chef Michel Roux Jr, the owner of Le Gavroche, contributed.

He said: “I am sure I have seen this chocolate tart recipe before and even cooked it with Geoff at Cactus Kitchens.

“It was one of his favourites. It is great served with vanilla ice cream.”

The earnings from the book’s sales are being donated to the charity. The Growing Space is a Wincanton charity that is very close to Geoff. It is also the place where he sourced many of his ingredients.

The charity provides a lot of different services and activities that can help all members of the Wincanton community remain happy, content, and mentally and physically healthy.

The first 150 books were sold out in just a month, and they were shipped in the UK, the US, and Australia.

The book can be bought online at for £14.99.


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