Cornwall Airport Newquay Emerging Issues


New and existing clients to the Cornwall Airport Newquay got excited after the management made announcements on the extended Alicante summer route. The flights would now change to a year rounds trips from Newquay by the Ryanair carrier.

Changes experienced last year.

Last year, Cornwall Airport Newquay announced more new routes. These included the new routes to London Heathrow and London Southend. The airlines to conduct the flights are StobartAir and Flybe respectively. The Scandinavian carriers would take a new route to link up with Copenhagen. An increasing number of travelers have been recorded during the winter months as Ryanair is flying throughout the year to Alicante. The company has perfected the passenger’s both check in and check out services. They also have brilliant car parks around for the best customer experience.

Effects of the announcements done from last year.

The airport is experiencing growth in the past five consecutive years. The airport anticipated receiving around 450,000 passengers by the end of the year.

Tourism to Cornwall was improved by the new route Danish Scandinavian.  The new routes to Germany were enabled by the Eurowings carrier. The connection is a benefit to the local inhabitants due to the new European tourists landing in Cornwall.

Any new routes coming soon?

According to Al Titterington, the Managing Director, the new route announced last year has been fruitful. More flights were added to the Danish market a few hours later. The German route has been bringing more and more visitors to Cornwall. It’s also anticipated that the Scandinavian passengers will also replicate like the one from the German route.

A new route is set to be launched this May connecting Cornwall with London Heathrow. Many passengers are now expected to come all the way from the USA and Asia via Heathrow. The airport crew has been working for many years to have this route launched. The new Heathrow route will take place three times a day.


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