Devon mother and daughter duo makes mermaid dreams come true


Swimming like a mermaid may seem like a fantasy or only happens in storybooks, but a duo hailing from Devon is making those fantasies come to life.

Lisa Bousted and her daughter, Charlotte Scoins, have established MermaidsUK, the first mermaid swimming school in the United Kingdom. They have proven wrong Baroness Karren Brady, a TV entrepreneur on Give It A Year show, who predicted that the business would not last for more than a year. Brady stated that the business was more of a fad or trend rather than being an enterprise with a steady demand. The company has grown in number and size by expanding to more than 200 certified instructors and launching internationally– reaching China, Spain, Malaysia, and Singapore. It also plans in expanding to South Africa in the latter part of 2019.

The mermaid swimming school encourages inclusivity and fun by being open to everyone regardless of sex and whether you are a child or an adult. The only requirement is being of age six or older. Safety skills are taught and the choice to wear a mermaid tail is up to the user’s preference. The school encourages both individual and team effort which promotes social skills among a team. Not only does the school promote fun and the social development skills of an individual, but it is also an exciting form of exercise that promotes good physical activity and fitness. Swimming like a mermaid exercise is considered as a core exercise that improves flexibility and balance and cardiovascular activity. MermaidsUK caters to those who want to stay fit while pursuing their dreams of becoming a mermaid.

Charlotte added that the international success of MermaidsUK is all thanks to social media. The success and popularity of the business have attracted companies located internationally and overseas who have collaborated with the school. The school not only offers swimming classes but also sells monofins and tail skins to its students.



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