Dorset County Council Gained £16.8 Million in Funding This Year from Grant Bids


After Dorset County Council contributed £324,780 into making grant bids with partner organisations, it was rewarded £16.8 million in funding, especially from a massive grant of over £3 million from the European Union (EU).

The most impactful grants awarded to the county were £6.5 million from Homes England, £3.1 million from the European Social Investment Fund, and £900,000 from the Heritage Lottery.

The giant bids for the current year which are awaiting a decision include £6.5 million from Homes England, £318,000 from the Department of Works and Pensions, and two bids to the Heritage Lottery Fund of £1.9 million and £658,000.

Even though the 2017-18 grant bids reduced by nine percent to 28 from 37 percent, the good news is that the bids which were successful increased to 78 percent, which is the highest level in four years for the Council.

At the past audit and governance committee meeting, a report to Dorset County councillors suggested that the closure of old EU programmes and Brexit may play a huge role in the amount of grant income possible for the county in the future.

Councils are being asked to consider supporting a £155,000 special projects fund, which can be used to finance feasibility studies and expert advice in bidding.

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