Dorset Couple Gives Away Their Luxury Home for £25


A couple living in Dorset have decided to raffle their home worth over £3m. This decision came about after years of their home being on the market with many offers but no actual purchase.

There was no one to blame as the hard economic times were taking their toll on everyone. However, instead of being depressed about it, the couple, Sharon and Mark Beresford thought of a more proactive alternative idea to get their home off the market.

“The more we thought about it…the more we thought ‘No, this is actually a great opportunity.’ Potentially someone who perhaps would never live in a house like this gets an opportunity to do so.” Sharon said.

Their grand idea was to raffle their home. At £25 per raffle ticket, they would need up to 120,000 participants in order to cover the £3m cost of their home. The competition closes on 31st December, while the raffle is to take place on 9th January. Tickets can be bought from

To sweeten the deal, they also put up a brand new Aston Martin DB11 V8, worth over £160,000 as a runner up prize for one of the lucky winners.

Their beautiful home is located near the River Avon, outside of Ringwood. It has 6 bedrooms and baths, a cinema room and snooker room.

Mr Beresford says that it was built with the intention of being sold but ended up being their home for 12 years and where all their three children were raised.

“But…We’ve had our time here and it’s time for a new family to have an opportunity.”

“I’m sure I’m going to shed a tear when we go,” said Mrs. Beresford.


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