Dorset Firms Reported as the Globally Top Ranking and the Fastest Growing Firms


Firms in Dorset are the UK’s fastest-growing businesses abroad.

Porsche’s lighting company is the top ranking and fastest-growing international sales by British companies. The Dextra company is in the northern part of Dorset. The headquarters of Dextra are at Brickfields Business Park in Gillingham. The Dorset-based firm was founded in 1978 by Rupert Martin.

Dextra manufactures energy-efficient LED lighting to its clients like the DHL and Tesco. The firm exports products worth 3.7 million pounds and a total sale of 68 million pounds. In the past two years, the firm has grown by 112% on its international sales. Dextra has employed five hundred and thirty-one staff. According to the report released last year by the Sunday Times Rich List, the firm has a total fortune of almost 200 million pounds.

Another company on the list is the Ceuta. Ceuta is in Richmond Hill, Bournemouth. It provides brand outsourcing services. Ceuta has offices in different parts of the world, including the United States, the Netherlands, Thailand and Ireland. The company exports products worth 39 million pounds out of the total production of 97 million pounds. In the last two years, Ceuta has been experiencing a growth of 103%. Ceuta employs three hundred and twenty-three people.

Gumshark is another firm leading in international sales. The firm is in Solihull, and it specialises in the production of sporting clothing.

The ratings result from the analysis by the International Track League Table. The league table is a document compiled by Fast Track company. Fast Track is a research and networking events firm that is in Oxford.

According to Amanda Murphy, the head of commercial banking at HSBC UK, all the firms have had great inputs towards their successes. Their inspiring stories are full of creativity, ambition and resilience. The region has thirteen firms that are doing well on international sales.

The region has 200 companies with a total international sale of 69% per year. All the companies have a total number of employees of 38,000.


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