Dorset’s Waste Collection Expected to Cost £1.2million More Next Year


It is expected that Dorset’s collected waste in the next year will cost £1.2million more than in the current year.

The Dorset Waste Partnership collects around 190,000 tonnes of domestic waste across the county at a cost of £11million. Their draft budget states that the extra £1.2million will only maintain services much as they are.

This partnership was formed in April 2011 and has been in collaboration with the seven Dorset councils since April, 2013. It aims to replace the disparate waste collection systems with a single ‘recycle for Dorset’ scheme which has been in place since October 2015.

All properties in Dorset (over 200,000 households) now receive the service which in total has an annual revenue budget of around £33million and a £5million capital budget.

The costs of disposal vary and this depends on the nature of waste being collected as well as where it goes to. It could be to landfill or for recycling.

All residual waste that can be sent to a facility in the east of the county for treatment usually attracts a favourable gate fee per tonne, as opposed to the £115 per tonne which is the “Headline” gate fee for waste for landfill. Food waste goes for £40, while green waste is charged at £26. Other costs are also involved.

Dorset is one of the best counties for recycling and has a target to recycle 65% of its waste and compostable material by 2025.


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