Exeter Brings New and Improved Flight Plan


Exeter airport is planning to introduce a new winter flight schedule on October 28 this year. This new schedule will include new flights which will go across key business routes. The aim of this new addition is to enable its customers reach new destinations with ease.

This new schedule will include up to 110 flights a week to 17 destinations. The most impressive of these are:

  • Paris: the introduction of a second daily flight to Paris Charles de Gaulle (excluding Saturdays when one flight operates) and greatly improved timings with an early morning departure
  • Amsterdam: an increase from seven to 11 flights per week with extra services on Monday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday afternoons
  • Manchester: an increase in winter flights from three to four a day on Monday, Tuesday and Friday

Cllr Ian Thomas, Leader of East Devon District Council and Matt Roach, Exeter Airport’s Managing Director, have both spoken in support of the new flight plan. They mentioned its potential benefits to the customers and the innovativeness of the plan.

Roy Kinnear, Flybe’s Chief Commercial Officer stated that Flybe aims to grow its services from Exeter using the added flights. He added that the moves from both companies will make returns easier and give customers more connection opportunities with the rest of the world. H also stated: “To this end Flybe has a dedicated ‘One Stop to the World’ page on its website where customers can discover which global destinations they can fly to from Exeter Airport using the extensive network of its international codeshare partners.”


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