Find out the Reason Why Locals Avoid Bath City Centre during Christmas Market Chaos



The Bath Christmas Market has begun, and its busy activity this weekend showed just how crazy and manic it can get on Sundays.

Bath locals often complain about how busy the market makes their city become, making some of them plan to avoid the city centre.

Milsom Street, Bath Street, and York Street are believed to be some of the busiest, with Bath Abbey home to a multitude of people choosing their next shopping move. A weekend at the market means people fighting their way through a swarm of crowds to visit over 180 chalets selling their wares.

During the chaos, incoming traffic into the city becomes a huge problem, with the car parks in Avon Street, Southgate, and Charlotte Street staying full for the majority of Sunday. Motorists have to resort to driving loops around the city, trying to find a place to park and hoping that someone would give up a space to let them in.

Residents have lamented about the market on social media, with a Facebook user saying it makes Bath chaotic, and another commenting that it makes the town look like a rubbish tip. On Twitter, a user complained about their frustration at the clash between prospective university students attending an open day and festive shoppers at the city centre.

A resident commented that the first Saturday of the Christmas Market was the perfect day to stay at home and avoid the Bath City Centre.

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