Highly anticipated new Bristol curry house Urban Masala to celebrate launch by feeding homeless


The Urban Masala, managed by a group of excellent individuals behind the multi-award-winning Urban Tandoor and Urban Kohinoor will on November 13 open its doors next to the Tandoor on Small Street. The owner of the chain, Sujith D’almeida has said the company will serve free food to the needy on November 15, between 12pm – 4pm.

According to Sujith, “Coming to the UK as an immigrant from India and climbing up the ladder of success, we have gone through a lot of testing times which any newcomer coming to a new continent would go through.

“But today we are proud of our brand which includes Urban Tandoor, Urban Kohinoor and soon Urban Masala.

“We would now like to give the love and support back to the community by feeding as many homeless people in Bristol as possible, to tie in with the opening of our new venture Urban Masala.

“We’re not going to have a flashy launch to mark the opening of the Masala, we just want to give back to the community which has supported us so much by feeding those who need it most.

“Over the next week we want to hear from any charities and people as possible who would like to get involved.”

Food will be packed in takeaway containers for charity organisations in Bristol to distribute to the homeless on the streets.

Statistics obtained in March this year show the number of people sleeping on the streets in Bristol increased to 14 percent with new figures indicating the number has increased.

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