Interactive Map Showing the Extent of the Proposed Clean Air Zone in Bath


There is a new proposed plan to create a clean air zone in Bath, where certain vehicles could be charged to enter. This area spans about 2.4km2 on Google maps and incorporates the city centre as well as the far south, far north, east and west.

Inside the proposed clean air zone boundary are the bus and railway stations, two petrol stations and nine car parks.

Also included inside the zone are the Bath Cricket Club and the Bath Rugby Club which is at its boundary.

The Road Haulage Association has decreed that higher polluting HGVs, buses and coaches, would be charged £100 a day to enter the zone. Drivers of cars, taxis and vans who don’t meet clean air standards are set pay a fine of £9 a day.

Since its proposal, the zone boundary has changed severally. Many residents and business owners are concerned about the impact the project will have on their livelihood and trade.

As a result, the consultants on the project, the Bath & North East Somerset Council have opened the floor for growing concerns from the residents to be voiced out.

So far, over 3,000 people have responded. Hopefully more would come forward before November 26.

Environmental protection and licensing manager Cathryn Brown has also said that the feedback from the community will help in getting answers.


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