Male economics graduates from Bristol receive highest boosts to earnings, data reveals


Recent data shows that male economics graduates from the University of Bristol have the greatest earnings return over their peers from Oxford, Cambridge and those who did not attend university.

Women with a degree in Mathematics from the University of Oxford see a return almost four times greater (270%) than those who did not attend university.

Studying medicine and economics significantly increases the average earnings of both male and female graduates. The return on earnings is often dependent on where the subject had studied. For example, studying economics in Bristol means 179% return for men but studying economics in Kingston would mean a negative return of -8%.

Key findings show the greatest and worst returns for graduates as regards subjects and universities.

For men

Top 5

  • Economics at Bristol (179%)
  • Physical Sciences at Oxford (164%)
  • Geography at LSE (141%)
  • Law at LSE (132%)
  • Economics at Cambridge (128%)

Bottom 5

  • Philosophy at Sussex (-73%)
  • English at Wolverhampton (-62%)
  • Languages at Oxford (-58%)
  • Agriculture at Newcastle (-58%)
  • Creative Arts at Conservatoire for Dance and Drama (-54%)

For women

Top 5

  • Mathematics at Oxford (270%)
  • Mathematics at LSE (210%)
  • Economics at Oxford (187%)
  • Law at LSE (178%)
  • Economics at UCL (164%)

Bottom 5

  • Computing at Westminster (-66%)
  • Creative Arts at Guildhall School of Music and Drama (-59%)
  • Creative Arts at Cambridge (-56%)
  • Allied to med at Keele (53%)
  • Psychology at Bolton (-40%)




Author: james