Many Hardworking People Are Facing Great Difficulty as First Bus Cuts Weekday Service from Bath to Five Villages


Local bus service, First Bus has cut its regular weekday service to five villages, leaving commuters stranded.

The usual 179-weekday service between Bath, Tunley, Timsbury, High Littleton, Farmborough and Paulton has been cut to one bus every two hours with no buses beyond Tesco on the edge of Midsomer Norton.

Saturday trips to Bath have one bus at 7:45am returning at 5:40pm and no buses at all on Sundays.

A meeting was held at the Timsbury Parish Council on Monday November 5, where many villagers aired their concerns such as fear of losing their jobs due to the unavailability of buses on Sundays, having to wait 2 hours before getting to college and after courses, difficulties of older people to meet hospital appointments, etc.

There was a general agreement at the meeting that the current situation is unsatisfactory and must be resolved.

The Parish Council told Somerset Live it is in talks with other village councils in the area and hopes to create a united response.

Clutton Council suggested to join in the creation of a community bus but it was rejected as many people felt that this would not be adequate for an already oversubscribed service during rush hours.

Veronica Packham, Chairman of Timsbury Parish Council, said:

“We are working hard to find solutions to this problem and hope that B&NES councillors will join us in seeking a solution quickly.”

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