Cornwall’s Way Of Celebrating Valentine’s Day Has Just Gone Viral


Valentine’s Day is near, and many people are preparing for it.

There are many different ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Some celebrate over a dinner date while others go for movie dates at night. Then, there’s the Cornish way of celebrating Valentines. How is the Cornish way of celebrating Valentine’s Day done?

Cornwall’s Valentine’s Day celebration refers to a romantic date out at the Cornish Market World.

This Cornish Valentine’s Day celebration started on a Facebook post which hit a raw nerve with Cornish people.

Absolute S**** For Sale Cornwall posted: “For just £75 per person, we will pick you up in our chauffeur driven transit van and deliver you at the main entrance where the heady aromas of grease and burnt meat will put you in the mood for a romantic dinner for two at the indoor cafe.

“There is a varied menu to choose from including Chips n Sausage, Chips n Fish Fingers, Beefburger n Chips, Pizza n Chips and the vegetarian option of chips.”

“Then spend the rest of the day perusing the many great stalls. Weaving your way in and out of the inordinate amount of people on crutches and maybe buying some nylon trousers, some garish ornaments, a wool look cardigan or a black satin bomber jacket with a picture of a wolf and an Indian on the back. Or for the gentleman, why not treat yourself to some tools that will last a daytime.”

“Cornish Market World has got it all and we want to share it with you. Book now before all places are taken. Call St Blazey 053232323232 and ask for Geoff.”

This rather odd, tongue-in-cheek offer for the Valentine’s Day was posted a long time ago, back in 2013, but it has gone viral just recently as Cornish men and women try to plan their Valentine’s Day.

The viral Facebook post got 1,200 likes, 400 comments, and 794 shares as of this writing.

Although not all people grew fond of the humour behind the post, it’s evident that the post became controversial among the Cornish people.

Perhaps the number of people who have seen the post was split: Some may find this Cornish Valentine’s celebration interesting while others may not.

Nevertheless, the Cornish Market World is not Cornish Market World anymore, so those who have found the post ideal for this Valentine’s Day may be disappointed to know this.

Although the Cornish Market World is not around anymore, the Cornish people now have the Par Market & Food Hall that is pretty much like the Cornish Market World.

Just like in the Cornish Market World, people can still find interesting ornaments and fleeces in the Par Market & Food Hall. The only difference is that there’s a much better choice of burger and other new stuff in the latter. if you’re interested, you better book up for the upcoming Valentine’s Day.


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