Plans for Soon-to-Rise Farm-Shop, Boutique Garden, and Café on the A38 Revealed


A new all-in-one boutique garden, farm-shop, and café will soon rise on the A38. The plans reveal that the former Rock Farm Nursery located in Chudleigh will be transformed into the new boutique, farm-shop, garden centre, and café. The Rock Farm Nursery just off A38 has been closed for several years now.

The plans were submitted this week by Rock Nursery to Teignbridge District Council. The establishment will help generate local assets, aid the local economy, and potentially create 100 jobs. Rock Nursery will work with farmers, and their soon-to-rise farm-shop will produce the best farm products in the South West. The goal of this new farm-shop is to enhance current and running town centre businesses and create future community assets which will greatly benefit local residents and outlying communities.

According to the statement of the plan’s design and access, the establishment will create numerous direct full-time jobs and indirect supply chain jobs, help local farm businesses improve their revenue, add dozens of temporary construction jobs, and help the area’s tourism and leisure related benefits. The plans ensure that the farm-shop will rely on local farm businesses for their stocks and supplies. The farm-shop will have a parking space good for 113 cars at its rear which will alone create about 100 jobs; 25 full-time jobs and 75 part-time jobs.

Rock Nursery claims that they conducted a survey in the community last year. The result was that the majority of the respondents showed interests in visiting the establishment, and about 65 percent say that they are likely to visit. That was a good sign for them and was one of the many good reasons to push through with their plan. In about 1-2 years, the planned boutique garden, farm-shop, and café will open its doors to the public, and people are excited to finally visit the place.


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