Social project for prisoners and mental health patients liquidates


A social enterprise in Bristol decides to liquidate its assets after being in financial difficulties. Severn Project in Whitchurch plans to sell its company assets and is putting its employees on hold while waiting for a new owner to manage the operations of the urban farm and pursue the company’s goals.

The Severn Project is now looking for a new owner to save its properties and sites. They have also been hoping to support the employees who have been helping them achieve their cause by keeping the company in operation. Begbies Traynor was selected with Simon Haskew and Neil Vinnicombe of the Begbies Traynor offices in Bath and Bristol being chosen to assist in the liquidation. Vinnicombe said, “It is always sad to see a community-based enterprise like this fail, given the important work the company did in supporting people with addictions and mental health challenges back into the workplace”.

Steve Glover founded the Severn Project in 2010. The project began with Steve Glover purchasing and transforming a plot of land into an urban farm. It operates by producing high-quality salad leaves, flowers, and herbs in Bristol. The Severn Project is famous for its produce that includes parsley, mint, coriander, thyme, sage, spinach, rocket, landcress, and pea shoots. It also sells edible flowers like violas, nasturtium, sorrel, and borage.

The company has built 220 partnerships with various restaurants, pharmaceuticals, and distributors in Bristol, and the Southwest. It has already supported more than 350 former prisoners, and people undergoing rehabilitation from drug addiction since its operation. The Severn Project has provided great help to the Bristol Police in many ways. The company has not just been providing food but has also been providing therapies, education, and employment to the people who come to its doors to start their lives anew.




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