Nice Baps, Cornwall’s Best Café Facing Closure Because of Inappropriate Name


Cornwall’s best roadside café, Nice Baps is under threat of closure because some are offended by its name.

Kevin Baker and his wife Laura opened the restaurant 10 years ago from an old shipping container.

The restaurant, which has more than 100 outstanding TripAdvisor reviews, has previously held the title of best restaurant in Cornwall, before ceding it to settle comfortably as best café in the area.

Nice Baps has been threatened with closure before when the Highways Agency raised an issue with its trading licence two years ago, but a coalition of locals and their determined campaign helped keep its doors open.

Once again, the restaurant’s owner is facing an uphill challenge in trying to renew its licence.

“It has broken us,” he said.

“It is nothing to do with Wadebridge Town Council it is Egloshayle Parish Council – two councillors have put in an objection to the renewal of our street trading license and are trying to have Nice Baps Cafe closed down yet again because of its name and because they say we have made it bigger.

“It is no bigger than we have been for all the years we have been here. They have revoked our license and put us in front of a panel to ascertain whether they are going to give us our license.

“How on earth can they possibly say it’s the name when there are three other businesses in the country with the same name.”

Nice Baps is located near Wadebridge.

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