Bristol city’s renovation plans unveiled


Amid recent developments, there have been a lot of talks about revamping the old Bristol Village centre. Finally, on Wednesday, the city council unveiled architectural plans for the new Village centre to the Planning Commission.

Working on inputs from the villagers in that area, the village committee drafted the Bristol Village Centre Master Plan. Bordered by the 87th street on the North and a section paralleled by Highway 45, the village centre features several wetlands having connections to the Westosha Senior community centre as well.

The plan is laid out on roughly 70 acres of village area featuring:

  • A 23.4 recreational activities space with four baseball diamonds and twice as much tennis courts.
  • Open garden space with well laid out walking trails in a 27-acre area.
  • A multi-purpose residential/commercial area
  • A light industrial park spread out across 20 acres
  • A highlighted Civic centre area with room for a village hall, community centre, an amphitheater and a public library.

Praising the architectural integrity of the plan, Village president Mike Farrell also revealed that the plans have also been passed to Kenosha Area Chamber of Commerce and Southshore Realty Association.

The plan will be put out on public display again on the 11th of March.

Award-winning engineering firm GRAEF has been awarded the contract to implement the plans at an estimated cost of $11,000. The funding will be raised by the sale of previously village-owned land along Interstate 94 near Highway 45.

The area adjacent to Hansen Park was bought by the villagers in late 2017 from the Moore Family Limited Partnership. In a similar scenario, the cost for the purchase was covered by the sale of land, which is now part of Kenosha North of 71st street. Through purchasing and re-sale, the village council has maintained a no-debt balance sheet for the years to come.


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