Bristol’s Car Park to have A Stilt Building Over It


According to relevant sources, the Bristol City Council has approved a plan to have a private developer come up with a stilt building over a car park. This will be a state of the art architectural design to be introduced in Bristol.

It’s believed that the apartment will be one of a kind in Bristol. However, other new projects are anticipated to start later afterwards. This project is expected to solve the never-ending housing problems in the city. Therefore, more advanced architectural designed apartments are on the way.

The apartment is going to be built in St George over the Chalks Road car park. The building will have eleven apartments that are anticipated to be affordable and of high quality. These low carbon homes will be called the ZedPods.

What’s Unique About the ZedPods?

The ZedPods will be raised by steel deck on the park. It is designed to be energy efficient by using solar power. The ZedPods will have several car charging points.

The project is among the first two projects that have been spearheaded by Bristol City Council with the aim of providing affordable homes to people. This is done in accordance with the Bristol Housing Festival banner, a five-year program of building affordable homes to the residents.

A consultation meeting with the public is planned to be held on the first day of March this year in the Beehive Centre in Stretford road. The community is expected to give feedback.

Are There Other Plans To Have Other Such Apartments?

There is another proposed building to be elevated on Alexandra Car Park in Fishponds. The 34 modular apartment will be for young people who cannot afford homes in many parts of the city. Bristol University students will be given priority on taking up the apartments once they are complete.


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