Police arrests 59-year-old man after finding suspicious chemical substances at a house in Dorset Market Town


A suspicious substance was found by the police at a house in Wimborne, Dorset at 3:15 AM on Wednesday. The man who lived in the said residence was taken to the hospital in Poole before being arrested for the possession of the suspicious substance.

Residents of Hayes Close, Wimborne, Dorset, have been evacuated as the police further their investigation with the case. They were temporarily relocated at the Allendale Centre and in a Salvation Army Hall until it is safe to move back to their homes.

The suspicious chemical substance may possibly be an explosive. The bomb squad is currently searching the house and its premises for other suspicious substances that may be related to this case. However, they believe that this event is not terror-related.

The properties at the said neigboorhood cost up to £500,000. The Dorset and Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service along with the Army bomb disposal squad are surveying the neighborhood for other possible threats. There may be other chemicals found around the periphery of the house where the unknown suspicious substance was found.

Even nearby petrol stations were shut for everyone’s safety.

The 59-year old man, who lived in the said house containing the suspicious substance, was first sent to the hospital for initial assessment. He was later on arrested for offending the Explosive Substances Act.

He lived in a small property six miles north of Poole.

All the roads leading to Hayes Close, Wimborne, Dorset were blocked. None except the authorities can enter and exit the location until further development of the case.

Armed officers, including the police and police detectives, the fire department, and the army bomb squad flooded the scene to carry out bomb threat protocol and investigative work.

It will take them at least half a day to completely survey the whole neighborhood.


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