Waters Edge Home Turned into a Couple’s Nightmare, Now Spent £50,000 to Make it Livable


Two North Devon couples thought the house built by Bovis Homes would have brought them the dream home they’ve always wanted. However, this has been the couple’s two-year nightmare after discovering defects and discrepancies in their new house. 

Ashleigh and Jamie Pow bought the house in 2016, but later on, found out that the lower level of the house would shake when someone is upstairs, and there are discrepancies on  the leveling of the lounge ceiling. They were utterly concerned about the safety measures of the house that they have been contacting Bovis Homes and LiveWest to provide them assistance in correcting these discrepancies to make the house livable. 

Since then, the couple has been living in temporary shelters while waiting for their house to be fully inhabitable. The situations that were going on during their wait had caused a lot of tolls in the physical, mental, social, and emotional health of the couple. Ashleigh had been suffering from mental anxiety that costs her job and her heart that, she believed, was triggered by it. They said that the house was the biggest debt they have incurred and had really trusted Bovis Homes a lot because of the five-star ratings they have received from their previous clients. They were waiting for Bovis to extend a direct apology to the inconvenience the defects had caused them, and they want Bovis to take liability on this case. 

A representative from Bovis Homes have expressed their sincere apologies on this matter and their partner, LiveWest, had also expressed their sentiment on this matter, stating that they will do whatever it takes to bring the couples back to their home. As of the moment, the couple refused to move back in after seeing a lot of defects and wanted the company to ensure that these won’t be visible when they would inspect the house again. The couple still continually pays council tax for the house property they have never lived in. 


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