Slide Bristol Closing This December

Slide Taxi Photoshoot Bristol. Photograph Gareth Iwan Jones (

Slide Bristol, a shared ride bus firm, will close on 21st December, 2018 due to challenging infrastructure and competition from the new Metrobus scheme. The company was the first ‘microtransit’ company to launch in the UK in July 2016 and has logged more than 40,000 trips in Bristol.

The company’s service which is app based allows passengers book a ride in a shared minibus. A spokeswoman for RATP Dev, which runs Slide Bristol, said: “Our experience in Bristol has shown us that microtransit services in large city centres can only operate smoothly when they are fully integrated with the public transport network, and this is where we want to focus our efforts. As these conditions became challenging to meet in Bristol and with increased competition from two new Metrobus Rapid Transit routes, we decided to end the service.”

The company via a tweet said, “Sadly, our service will be closing on Friday 21st December, 2018. As the first service of our type in the UK, we are proud to have worked with the community to provide this service to commuters. For refunds on remaining credit please email [email protected]”.  The company’s spokeswoman further reiterated the firm’s commitment to invest in microtransit services and develop “new creative transport solutions which benefit commuters throughout the UK and beyond”.

Bristol City Council has refused to comment on the issue.


Author: james