Somerset Woman Wins £1 Million on Premium Bonds


A Somerset woman has won the top prize on the Premium Bonds.

She bought two £1 bonds as a gift, 62 years ago. This was within the first two months of the scheme, in November and December 1956.

In September, the woman whose name and age has not been disclosed topped up her account to the £50,000 maximum. The investment won jackpot in its first eligible draw.

She is the 398th winner of the top prize since Premium Bonds began.

Unfortunately, National Savings and Investment Agency (NSIA) warned that prizes go unclaimed as a result of change in address or contact details.

The agency, who manages the bond, said they have more than 10,000 unclaimed Premium Bond prizes worth more than £420,000 in Somerset.

The highest unclaimed prize is £25,000 won by a man with £350 worth of bonds and the oldest was won in March, 1971.

There are also eight prizes of £1,000 that haven’t gotten to their owners.

Somerset’s unclaimed Premium Bond prizes are only a small slice of the total – 1.5 million prizes worth £60 million.

All Premium Bonds are tax free.


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