The Flood Alleviation Scheme to Protect 500 Cheltenham Residents Has Been Completed


The £2.78 million scheme at Priors Farm and Noverton Farm is now complete. This should reduce flood risk to properties in the Whaddon and Oakley areas of Cheltenham. The work is being funded by a £2.092 million grant from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) a £791,000 contribution from the County Council and a further £50,000 from the Regional Flood and Coastal Committee Local Levy.

In 2007, properties in the areas of Whaddon and Oakley were affected by flooding which included 179 homes. The County Council has been working with the Environment Agency and Cheltenham Borough Council to reduce flood risk to homes.

This scheme will help reduce the risk of flooding for over 500 residents during heavy rain by diverting the existing watercourses to storage basins that were constructed to hold back surface water. The basins will drain at a controlled rate and will help the existing drainage infrastructure bettermanage excess water.

The Area Flood Risk Manager for the Environment Agency, Mark Bowers, said: “Flooding is devastating and in this area of Cheltenham water can run off the escarpment very quickly. This scheme will help slow down the flow of water and reduce the risk of flooding to homes in Whaddon and Oakley.”


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