The MD of A Bathonian Public Transport Bus Blamed Delays on Staff Shortage and Congestion


James Freeman, the Managing Director of First Bus West of England said the staff shortage over the summer was due to the high prices of houses in Bath.

He said buses go through the same congestion as other vehicles. He argued that the buses should be given priority on roads.

Sir Peter Hendy, the Network Rail chairman agreed. According to him, if Bath couldn’t get road spaces for their buses, they won’t be able to do the same for their proposed trump network.

In a conference organised by the Bath Alliance for Transport and Public Realm, Freeman said, “We have a huge problem getting people to work for us because it’s so expensive for people to live in Bath. We’ve been desperately short of staff this summer.

“The good news is we’ve been able to bring in enough drivers from outside to run our service – or we would if we could get through the traffic.

“We’re struggling more and more to get through the congestion.

“If you’re going to have a public transport system you have to give it priority. It’s no good saying to people to use the park and ride and then it gets stuck in traffic.”

Sir Peter added: “Bath is full of congestion, the traffic light system doesn’t work well and it’s full of roadworks.

“I’m fond of trams but if this city is unable to give buses road space to give them priority, it has no hope of digging the streets up and excluding cars from parts of the city.”





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