The Wiltshire’s recently named Corsham Digital Mansion to benefit business start-ups


There is a possible improvement in OBS in Corsham after a center for startups was started in the city. The new hub is located along the 18th-century renovated Mansion and is expected to provide starting businesses with a room to rent offices. The building is composed of twenty-five open offices and an open space shared amongst twenty people running different startups and projects. The construction of the hub was funded by the Wiltshire local partnership enterprise and Swindon who collectively invested 2.5 million euros. Part of this fund was apportioned from the 169 million euros from the government’s regional development growth for spending in Wiltshire and Swindon by 2021.

Jane Scott successfully launched the digital hub

Jane Scott, the leader for Wiltshire, formally opened the digital center on Friday. She said that they were beginning something extraordinary right in the heart of Wiltshire. The investors would like to attract the sharpest minds to make use of the unique space and obtain support in taking their ideas to the next level. Jane further added that at the Wiltshire Council, they do not only discuss the economy but also dynamically involve the creation of the right space where brilliant conceptions can thrive. The official launching was attended by SWEP members, councilors, and Wiltshire residents. Visits were also offered to the new site and the surrounding areas including the Pickwick Road in Corsham.

The government committed to boosting start-ups

Investors highly expect that the new initiative will encourage businesses, professionalism, and Corsham reputation as a top center for a digital economy. Speaking at the gathering, John Mortimer, chairman of the local partnership enterprise, said that one of the investment strategies of Wiltshire and Swindon is to boost growth and intensify effectiveness of small to medium businesses. Jake Berry MP, who is the minister for Local Growth, was also present in the opening. He said that the government is obligated to improve economic growth all over the UK and to shape Britain for a better future.



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