Top 10 Reasons to Move Your Business to Cornwall


Cornwall is a great city to live in but also an awesome location to set up your business.

Nicola Lloyd, head of inward investment at the Pool-based organisation, said “Attracting inward investment means attracting businesses from the rest of the UK, Europe and beyond to Cornwall.

“We are seeing particular success with tech businesses because we believe Cornwall is the natural place for these businesses thanks to the unrivalled work-life balance lifestyle it offers and its fantastic superfast broadband infrastructure.

“Our aim is to make sure that people identify Cornwall not only as a tourist destination where you come on holiday in the summer but as a great place to do business. We want to see more high growth businesses establishing themselves and creating well paid jobs within the region.”

Here we will take a quick look at why Cornwall is one of the best places in the country to establish your business.

  1. Cornwall has Superfast Internet Connectivity.
  2. Cornwall has a unique culture and heritage.
  3. We have awesome, flexible office spaces.
  4. There is a rich pool of talented workers.
  5. Businesses have access to a vast array of funding options.
  6. Bristol’s people are creative, entrepreneurial and welcoming.
  7. Cornwall is built on principles of innovation and ambition.
  8. There are teams in the region dedicated to fully supporting and nurturing of growing businesses.
  9. High tech infrastructure to facilitate research and development.
  10. Cornwall puts focus on sustainability and the environment.

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