Uber Rival Ola Set To Launch In Exeter And Other UK Cities


The Managing Director of taxi-hailing giant Ola, Ben Legg, says the company plans on expanding into towns and cities that are considered too small by Uber ahead of their launch in Exeter over the next few weeks.

Ola which launched in India in 2010 and was valued at around $3 billion in 2017 have expanded majorly in Australia and New Zealand and plan to roll out in fifteen of the biggest towns and cities across the South West, including Plymouth and Torquay after taking their first steps into the UK market with launches in Cardiff and Newport in South Wales.

Ola have obtained licenses to operate in the university cities is of Exeter, Bristol and Bath and will offer users the ability to hail a ride using the Ola app which handles everything from payment to sharing customer experience.

Legg, a former Army captain who has also worked as Chief Operating Officer for Google in Europe and as a sales and marketing specialist for Coca Cola in India, said his company hopes to leverage on Exeter’s reputation for explosion in student numbers, its vibrant economy and well paid workers.

He said: “Exeter is really up and coming, people here are used to new technology and we like students because they tend to adopt tech early, we think it will work really well.”

Ola, who currently conduct about one billion rides a year around the world with more than a million drivers and 125 million customers in over 110 cities, are already on the lookout for drivers in the Exeter and hope that the platform will begin to build a bigger presence over time.

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