Why is Bath Playing catch up on going Cashless?


Bath comes with its shops, restaurants and bars like any other modern city. It is an interesting city because of its tourist attractions and the huge number of guests that come in yearly. Such huge traffic mean a lot of transactions are made. However, payments in a commercial hub like London occur in a more cashless manner compared to a city like Bath.

The benefits of going cashless include a reduction in bank charges, theft and security.

Why isn’t Bath going cashless?

Ease: Tourists visiting Bath find cash transactions easier to run with.

Willingness: From statistics, people in the South West of England are not yet ready to go cashless. A recent survey conducted by the Post Office shows only 8 percent of people are ready to go cashless. 58 percent of people surveyed said they perform both cashless and cash based transactions.

Mr Alan Morgan who works in Abbey Ales (a popular brewery on Camden Row) says Bath is not quite ready yet for just cashless payments.

How long will it take to catch up?

According to Mr Alan Morgan, ‘’it will take a few years’’ for Bath to catch up. He says having worked behind a bar he doesn’t think he can turn down customers who decide to pay by cash. He however notes an improvement with about 65 percent of his customers now running on cashless payments.

Moving on

It is understandable why Bath still runs cash payments because cash is still commonly accepted amongst micro-traders.

There was an enforced policy that halted cash payments in a popular bar in Bristol with some customers not happy about it. Bath should not enforce cashless transactions but encourage tourists and customers to use their cards.

Author: Zoe Turnbull


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