Why Some Gloucester Buses Don’t Depart From the City’s New £12m Transport Hub


Days after the first few buses rolled out of Gloucester transport hub for the first time, not all of the city’s commuters are departing from there.

Despite 12 new bus bays in the long-awaited station and the millions of pounds spent on them, it was discovered that some services will continue to leave from Clarence Street and not the new bus station.

A commuter who was trying to find the Stagecoach number 1 service to Matson at the new Gloucester hub was told by a person at the information booth to go to Clarence Street:

“We don’t have room for all the buses here, that’s on Clarence Street.”

A spokesperson for Stagecoach West said in an interview that only the buses which previously departed from the Gloucester Bus Station will depart from the new facility. He also added that additional buses will not be served by the Transport Hub.

Leader of Gloucester City Council Paul James said that the Transport Hub was designed to provide a comfortable waiting area for passengers who have to wait longer for less frequent bus services.

Stagecoach West has advised passengers to bring along with them their scarves and gloves while waiting to catch their buses at the station.

“Unfortunately the Transport Hub’s underfloor heating is not intended to heat the building.

The heating system is intended to remove moisture and dehumidify the building, so scarves and gloves are definitely necessary this week.”


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