Yestminster Real Estate Takes North Dorset by Storm


Within two years (starting early 2019), 85 houses will be built on land off Thornford Road, Yestminster, as approved by authorities in North Dorset. This will impact the national speed limit there to a mere 30mph.

Key considerations in the decision are Yestminster’s access to Sherborne and Yeovil, with adequate road and rail links to South West and London.

Others include a decent presence of basic educational and social amenities.

Burrington Estates New Homes will handle development and according to Managing Director Colin Palmer, it is their first operation in Dorset and public interest is bullish already.

Each home has at least two parking spaces, good-sized rear gardens, British-style kitchens: with fitted appliances, luxury fitted carpets and ceramic tiles. David Matthews, Development Director at Burrington Estates New Homes, says design decisions are the outcome of social collaboration and community engagement.

Quite central to discussions was energy efficiency, so expect all the hardware to make it happen.

The layout allows for continued maintenance of public open space and a footpath linking to Stony Acres and the wider village and the company becomes financially responsible towards educational facilities in the area, while providing on-site public open spaces.

Homes will be flexibly affordable covering the spectrum from rent to shared ownership.

Expect huge impact on the local economy, such as gains in direct and indirect employment, even as Burrington will utilise the tested local trade base.

As mentioned, pedestrians and cyclists remain safe and help to buy will be available on the homes.

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