Do You Know these Old Wiltshire Words?

The National Dialect Day was celebrated on the 20th of October and it was a perfect opportunity for  Rebecca Hudson at the Salisbury Journal to write about some old Wiltshire words we never knew they existed.  Most of them are very interesting but some of our favourites include:

  • Ahmoo: A cow
  • Belly vengeance: Very small bottles of bad beer
  • Birds’-wedding-day: Valentine’s Day.
  • Cow-baby: A childish fellow, a simpleton
  • A bumblebee (which was also known as a humble-bee).
  • To worry mentally, to be anxious, as ‘Don’t firk so,’ or ‘Don’t firk yourself.’
  • In good health. ‘How be ‘ee?’ ‘Ter’ble fitty.’
  • A slatternly woman
  • You ‘flowse,’ or splash, the water over you in a bath.
  • Garley-gut. A gluttonous person.
  • Glory-hole. A place for rubbish or odds and ends, as a housemaid’s cupboard, or a lumber room.
  • Anan, ‘Nan. What do you say?
  • Bat-mouse. The usual term for a bat, also known as a flittermouse.
  • Overpowered by fatigue.
  • To seduce. The full force of the word can only be given by example, as ‘He bin rumplin’ that wench o’ Bill’s again laas’ night.’
  • Shitsack, or Shitzack. An oak-apple
  • Skug, Sqwug. A squirrel.
  • Toad-stabber. A bad blunt knife.

Read more of the words here:  Some of the examples are hilarious!

How many words from your local dialect do you remember?

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