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Devon Affordable Housing? Investigation Reveals Otherwise

An investigation by DevonLive has discovered that the affordable housing project in Devon is not all that affordable to low-income earners.Affordable housing is a...


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Two new restaurants being planned in Somerset by the firm that runs Cosy Club

Loungers Ltd, the firm that runs Cosy Club branches in Taunton and Bath, plans to establish two new restaurants in Somerset. They have submitted...

Two years after terrible fire: Famous Devon pub reopened

Two years ago, a celebrated and famous Devon pub was engulfed by a huge fire. But they recently reopened to the public.In 2017, on...

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A zoo in Devon introduces the unique and exciting human versus beast challenge.

One of the best places to spend quality time with your family or friends is the zoo. There are a lot of different live...

Cornwall Airport Newquay Emerging Issues

New and existing clients to the Cornwall Airport Newquay got excited after the management made announcements on the extended Alicante summer route. The flights...


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