A Restaurant owned by Michelin-starred chef closes unexpectedly in Devon


Thomas Carr is a Michelin-starred chef who has had a progressive career since 2002. He has successfully run restaurants over the years and in 2014, he opened his own place, ‘The Olive Room’, a restaurant in Devon which obtained the world renowned Michelin-star in 2016.

Now, just nine months after Thomas opened his second restaurant in Ilfracombe, the Seafood and Grill is closed for business. The restaurant had gained a lot of recognition while it ran and even received a Michelin Recommendation only a month ago.

The Michelin-starred chef described the announcement as “bittersweet.” He explained that given the size of the restaurant, his team found it tough to operate a profitable business whilst maintaining a top notch standard of food and service.

“We really did try our hardest to make it a success, but it just hasn’t worked out.”

“I do feel it’s a shame for Ilfracombe to lose another of its quality dining spaces, especially with The Habit, The Quay and The Gendarmerie closing over the last 18 months, but if we kept trying to run the business it would have ultimately affected our guests experience as well as the enthusiasm and effort of the team and that’s not what we would want to see.”

Although the Seafood and Grill restaurant ceases to exist, Chef Carr has re-assured the public that The Olive Room has no plans to fold up anytime soon. In fact, to serve guests better, he invited his friend and the head chef at the Seafood and Grill to join him at The Olive Room.

Efforts are being made to contact people who had booked reservations or purchased vouchers at the Seafood and Grill. Chef Carr said, “we’re confident that for a large majority of bookings we can honor reservations by offering them tables and exclusive menus at The Olive Room.”

“All I can say at the end of the day, we tried. A lot of chefs struggle with their second restaurant and I can see why, but we had to give it a go and it’s certainly an experience we’ve learnt from.”






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