Bath Has a Chinese Restaurant That Has Been ‘Opening Soon’ for 18 Months


Haojie, a Chinese restaurant located in an empty premises on the first floor of the Kingsmead Leisure Complex has reportedly had a sign on its window declaring that it would be opening soon for 18 months as at the date of this publication, with no progress being made on the site till date.

The Bath Chronicle reported earlier in the year that the restaurant had displayed a sign saying “Haojie – Coming soon” since at least March 2017. According to two employees interviewed by the paper in February, the sign might have been up for even longer.

The website shown on the restaurant’s display, instead redirects to, a Chinese cuisine website that has no apparent ties to the Haojie restaurant.

The restaurant is listed on the Kingsmead website with the description “Haojie is a place that prides itself on freshly prepared food and fantastic service.

“They source the freshest, tastiest ingredients so that they can offer a range of delicious oriental dishes, all cooked to perfection by a passionate team of chefs.”

The listing is accompanied by a phone number which goes unanswered when we attempt to call it.

The Kingsmead Leisure Complex also houses a number of restaurants including TGI Friday’s and Nando’s. There used to be a Frankie and Benny’s eatery on the first floor but it has been closed for over a year.

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