Devon farmer receives death threats after offering ‘pick your own Christmas turkey’ service


The “vagan mafia” has issued threats to Workers at a farm store in Devon after the shop offered a “pick your own Christmas turkey” service. Farmer Mat Carter in a statement described the threats issued on Monday as “disappointing and disheartening” and said the whole thing was “completely baffling.”

Greendale Farm Shop is receiving threats from the mafia for the first time with the 35-year-old farmer saying he has now received “angry telephone calls from vegans.”

“You should be the ones being killed because your life is worth less than that of the innocent animals which you are murdering”, the vagans told the farmer.

Another Vagan caller inquired how the farmer will feel if “I cut you up and put you on the counter?”.

The farmer has since reported the threats to police. Devon and Cornwall Police during a visit to the farm said “enquiries are underway into this matter”.

In his statement, neighbourhood Beat Manager Dave Pilling, said: “I have today visited Greendale Farm and met with the owner and staff, following the criminal damage to the shopfront and produce sustained overnight on Monday.

“I am also aware of some alarming calls made to the store in recent days; I will be meeting one of the people who was subjected to this abuse in the coming days to follow up on this matter.

“Criminal damage and making malicious calls is against the law and will not be tolerated; regardless of individuals views, these actions are simply not acceptable and cannot be justified.”

The Vagan society has since distanced itself from the threats while acknowledging they may be some extremists in its fold.

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