Founder of Restaurant Bomboloni Passes Away at 48


The well-loved chef from Bristol Andrew Griffin was reported to have passed away at age 48. Andew Griffin is the founder of known local restaurant Bomboloni in Gloucester Road. Griffin opened it up in 2017 along with his wife Sara Griffin after they had worked with other restaurants in the country. Some of the restaurants that they both worked together in are Prego and Tart.

Known in the hospitality industry as a great and respected name, many chefs and restaurant owners gave their own tribute statements when they heard of his passing. One of which is the former of Pear Cafe Elly Curshen. According to Curshen, Griffin was a very good friend who was both compassionate and generous.

Another business owner James Koch of The Gallimaufry and Suncraft left a Tweet saying that Andrew Griffin was a “tita” in the Bristol food industry. He was also a great chef and an amazing friend.

Not only restaurant owners but also journalists and food bloggers gave their tributes to the loved chef. Wine Writer of The Guardian Fiona Beckett also had a few words about the man. According to Beckett, Griffin was a “lovely, lovely man”. Even Food Blogger Dan Vaux-Nobes commented about how nice of a person he was.

He was so popular that even BBC Food and Farming Awards Judge Genevieve Taylor mentioned him. She stated that he was one of the “nicest chefs she has ever met”. She also commented about how amazing his food was. He was known to be a legend in the Bristol food scene.

Being one of the iconic individuals in Bristol’s hospitality industry, he was truly a face that many people knew and loved. Known not only for his amazing food, he was also known for having a warm personality and a kid’s heart. That is why he will be missed by many.


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