New Pop-Up Food Stall Serving Incredible Cuban Sandwiches in Bristol


Cuba is a country blessed with many things and among them are its sandwiches which comprise roasted pork, Swiss cheese, pickles and mustard on Cuban bread.

These culinary treats are now available in Bristol thanks to the new pop-up food stall which has just opened at Steam.

Located behind Clifton Down railway station, Steam is now home to Salt Street, which is rustling up top-notch Cuban sandwich to accompany the bar’s wide range of real ales.

The pop-up opened in September and is being headed by Chef Leon Holland, who has worked in the kitchens at Bristol Spirit, Atomic Burger and Asado.

“I’m a big fan of America and go there almost every year so thought I’d bring a slice of the States to Bristol with Salt Street and so far it’s going really well with lots of good feedback, which is the most important thing to me.”

The menu includes five mains as well as a changing monthly special, inspired by American states visited by Leon.

This month’s special is the Patty Melt, a beef burger in between sourdough bread with an I.P.A sauce, and next month’s is the Po’ Boy, a traditional fish sandwich popular in Louisiana.

There is a selection of sides to choose from including frickles which are deep fried, beer battered pickles, and loaded fries.

Salt Street will be at Steam until September with a view to extending the residency after a year is up.

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