Special treat for Bristol in Wallfish & Wellbourne as two struggling restaurants join forces


Wallfish Bistro was run by the talented couple, Liberty Wenham and Seldon Curry, for five years in Princess Victoria Street until closing the doors last week.

Regardless of a number of high profile national newspaper reviews and a loyal local following during that time among the city’s foodie community, it still wasn’t enough to have enough customers on weekdays.

Eventually, the couple decided to put the – once a Keith Floyd bistro – restaurant on the market and open a fish restaurant at the coast, start a family, and even buy a dog.

They had no choice but to reluctantly close the doors of Wallfish when, for various reasons, three deals fell through from prospective buyers.

Although sad, this alternative of paying rent, until the end of their lease next year, on a now empty site is much cheaper than keeping staff on board and running the restaurant with high overheads.

Luckily, Ross Gibbens, who runs Wellbourne restaurant in The Mall, threw the couple a lifeline, joining forces with them to create Wallfish & Wellbourne Bistro, which opened this week.

This is considered to be the first ever collaboration between two high profile independent restaurants in Bristol.

Being two restaurants with quite different cooking styles, the best bits of both have been put up in the new menu.

People can also walk in just for a drink, and look forward to Wine Wednesday when a 40% discount is placed on all wines by the bottle or glass.


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