International Compost Awareness Week


The Somerset Waste Partnership (SWP) gives emphasis to the need to reduce waste and ensure the health of our land and souls. As such, the celebration of International Compost Awareness Week is quite important for the community to engage in. Starting in the 5th of May until the 11th, SWP calls for gardeners around Somerset to purchase compost bins that are competitively priced and other tools that are used for composting, such as food digesters and water butts. These items can be purchased through the SWP’s partnership with Experienced and novice gardeners alike can avail of these items and make the most of them in their composting activities.

Residents of Somerset can get the compost converter bins at a discount price from as low as £18.50. There is also a “buy one, get one half-price” offer for Somerset residents who may want a second compost converter. This comes at only £9.25, which can benefit other gardens your friends or family may own. The more you can give to your loved ones, the more loved the world can be.

Advantages of composting at home:
One of the key advantages to composting at home is that the compost can make one’s garden soil richer through the natural waste accumulated in the garden. Compost has a number of elements that keep the soil healthy, such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. This means of improving the soil is sustainable and can definitely help protect the local environment. Homemade compost can encourage worms and other creatures to aerate the soil of your garden. Adding vegetable and fruit peelings, as well as grounded coffee beans to the compost decreases the need to throw out much trash while improving the quality of the compost to be used. Other materials you might need for your compost mix can be found at home and include loo roll tubes and egg boxes. Textiles made of pure cotton or wool, sweetcorn cobs and even hair and sawdust can be utilized.


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