£65m Additional Budget Allocated to NHS in Dorset


A budget amounting to £60 million more than last year was given to the clinical commissioning group or CCG this year. However, even with this budget, a report has been stated by the board that it would still be a challenge for them to be able to produce something from the supposedly feasible budget. Even though there has already been an increase in the budget of health services, which went between £1.17 billion – £1.24 billion, the £25 million increase has already been received by them from the past years on a non-recurring basis as stated by CCG. It also comprises of the pay increase which amounted to £11 million that was added to this year’s salary spending.

Last May 15, the board of CCG released a report stating that the actual increase amounts to £33 million, a significant increase that totals up to 3.2%. Dorset’s NHS still faces a gap in their current funding which is below £30 million – this can partially be bridged by other means including extending requirements of current cost-cutting work. A statement has also been made by Michael Gravelle, the assistant director of Finance of CCG, stating that even though there was an increase in the funding of CCG, they still find it a struggle to come up with a budget for the year. He also stated that even though the increase in funding was not necessarily all “new money”, it can still be used as a chance to invest in a lot of services like mental health and primary care services and acute trusts. However, there is still the challenge of attaining a feasible agreeing and opening budget funding throughout the whole system.

This year, the CCG plans to have a budget that totals to more than £1.2 billion where about 50% of this amount will be allocated to acute services, as well as A&E work. £5 million of the planned budget will also be allocated to enhancing cancer treatment procedures and standards and lessening waiting lists while a total of £7.5 million will go to spending for mental health. The forecasted budget of NHS has shown that there will be an almost £8 million deficit in their budget for the 2018/19 financial year. The board members of CCG will include the topic of the budget in their meeting on Wednesday.



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